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Watch this video and more on FORMED

Some Things Are Not Okay


Up Next in Module 2: Habits of Parenting

  • Media Consumption

    How would you like your child to play? Whether we have noticed it or not, increased access to computers, smartphones, and tablets has the power to change how our children play. In this lesson, Patrick takes a look at some of the negative consequences of screen time and how we can better regulate ...

  • Boredom

    "I'm bored!" is an all too common phrase in most households. In this lesson, Patrick tackles the

    problem of boredom by encouraging hobbies for both parents and children. Some carefully chosen and varied hobbies can provide entertainment and a creative outlet for every member of the family.

  • Joyful Hearts

    We want the early years of our children to be marked by joyful experiences. When this happens, clashes are fewer, relationships are strengthened, and the Faith takes on a whole other dimension. In this lesson, our host stresses the importance of nurturing gratitude in the family so that the focus...