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FORMED Daily Reflections

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FORMED Daily Reflections
  • FORMED Daily: His Mercy Endures Forever

    Episode 1

    We hear in scripture that God's mercy and His love endure forever. We do not deserve to be loved, and despite that, we are loved.

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  • FORMED Daily: The Struggle and Necessity of Prayer

    Episode 2

    Prayer is one of the most basic elements of a life of faith, but it isn't always easy to do. Today's clip comes from Lectio: Prayer with Dr. Tim Gray.

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  • FORMED Daily: Builder

    Episode 3

    What if Marriage is more than you think it is? Today's reflection comes from the Augustine Institute Studios original, Beloved.

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  • FORMED Daily: Opening the Word for Feast of the Holy Family

    Episode 4

    The first two readings today focus on the relationships with our family. We are told that honoring and respecting our father is of the highest importance and, if we are faithful to this call, we will be blessed by God.

    Watch the Opening the Word for Year A

  • FORMED Daily: Prepare the Way

    Jesus comes to us as meek and humble. This story from Bob Rice offers a unique perspective on how to reflect on what happened in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.

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  • FORMED Daily: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Saint John Paul II speaks about the beauty of the family. May his words of encouragement inspire us to love others well today and every day of our lives.

    Watch the full episode of JPII and the Family here

  • FORMED Daily: Family Embodies True Love

    With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, let's take a moment to reflect on how Love himself is portrayed in our families and how we can best incorporate true, sacrificial love into the holiday.

    Watch the full episode of Strengthen Your Family here

  • FORMED Daily: The Power of Music

    We celebrated the Feast of Saint Cecilia, patron of music and musicians, last week. While Saint Cecilia praises God in heaven with all the angels, here on earth we can strive to do the same.

    Watch the full episode from the series City of Saints here

  • FORMED Daily: Jesus is More than a Moral Teacher

    With Advent just around the corner, it is good to remember what we are preparing for - the coming of Christ the King, the Redeemer. Is Christ simply a source of wisdom or advice, or is he truly reigning as Lord of your life?

    Watch the full episode from the series Symbolon: Knowing the Faith here

  • FORMED Daily: The True Royal Family

    The Gospel of Matthew begins with what seems to be an insignificant long list of names, but it really tells us of Christ's kingship.

    Watch the full episode from the series Lectio: Mary with Dr. Brant Pitre here

  • FORMED Daily: The Divinity of Jesus Christ

    Jesus often referred to the Old Testament when speaking. His primary audience, ancient Jews, understood the context of the references he made and the controversy of his teachings. What were these references and why were they so important?

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  • FORMED Daily: “This is Christ teaching us”

    What do Christ’s actions on the road to Emmaus teach us about evangelization?

    Watch the entire episode from Called to Accompany here

  • FORMED Daily: "How can this man give us his flesh to eat?"

    The doctrine of the Real Presence can be a mystery to many of us. Scripture provides the answers to our questions about the Eucharist, and understanding the questions or objections to the Real Presence can deepen our faith.

    Watch the entire episode from Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist here

  • FORMED Daily: Our faith is nothing to be ashamed of!

    Maria Rodriguez shares her story, from youth group in high school to her time in college, ultimately responding to the call to minister to teens.

    Watch the entire season of Called to Accompany here

  • FORMED Daily: How does Jesus show us to be missionary disciples?

    We are always called to be disciples. Where in the Gospels does Christ show us how to follow him?

    Watch the entire episode from Lectio: Evangelization here

  • FORMED Daily: Marriage is an amazing and grace-filled sacrament!

    A beautiful aspect of marriage is God’s grace working in it.

    Watch the entire episode of Beloved here

  • FORMED Daily: "By your perseverance you will secure your lives."

    Christ promises to never abandon us. How is he calling us to sacrifice and persevere for him?

    Watch the entire episode from Opening the Word here

  • FORMED Daily: Does your faith need nourishment?

    The Church nourishes the faithful with numerous sacramentals that bear a resemblance to the sacraments. These sacramentals are signs and instruments of actual grace that strengthen and encourage us in our daily lives. These include such things as the Rosary, holy cards, crucifixes, and various me...

  • FORMED Daily: We are more than just machines

    Scott Powell addresses the modern tendency to characterize human beings as machines, and the reductive view of reality that says only what we can see and observe is real.

    Watch the entire episode from Why Believe? here

  • FORMED Daily: Entering into prayer in the busyness of life

    Sister Faustina Maria discusses how prayer is a conversation with Jesus. Learn about the ceaseless act of love and how you can give the gift of time as an act of love to God.

    Watch the entire episode from Heart Ridge Catholic Family Ministries here

  • FORMED Daily: Learn how you can be brave and tireless in your service to Christ.

    Today we celebrate the memorial of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. She is an example of great zeal in her work and, as members of the Body of Christ, we are incorporated into the Church and are called to be witnesses as well. How we can have zeal like St. Frances Xavier Cabrini?

    Watch the entire e...

  • FORMED Daily: Prayer and God's grace are the key to christian unity.

    Today is the Memorial of St. Josaphat, who gave his life attempting to bring the East and West together. We can ask for his intercession today so that our prayers can bring all Christians into the unity of the Church.

    Watch the entire episode from Echo here

  • FORMED Daily: What’s the deeper meaning to generosity?

    Today is the Memorial of St Martin of Tours. He is an example of living generously in his faith. Let us ask for his intercession to see the face of Christ in those we show generosity to.

    Watch the entire episode from Families of Character here

  • FORMED Daily: What does the Gospel teach us about the saints' intercession?

    Jesus's words affirm our Catholic practice of asking the saints for intercession.

    Watch the entire episode from Opening the Word here